routingphoto-thumbnail.jpgIt’s a typical day for your operation – you have multiple vehicles out with scheduled trips. Soon additional clients call for pickups – your dispatchers must find a way to schedule these waiting riders with the closest available drivers. Making the best routing decisions is a daunting task for even the most experienced dispatcher.
TransiTrak simplifies routing decisions so your dispatchers spend less time calculating and more time optimizing your daily call volume. In other words, TransiTrak frees your staff to make the best routing decisions possible.

Here are some of the ways TransiTrak can revolutionize your routing operations:

Reduce route set-up time – You only need to set up a regular recurring route one time: TransiTrak will recall the basic information – clients, riders, addresses, destinations – every time you schedule the trip. And TransiTrak’s import capabilities and quick-add features will help you set up new routes in a fraction of the time.
Reduce data errors – since TransiTrak recalls route information, there’s less chance of error common with manually entering the same information each time you schedule a route. And with TransiTrak’s seamless integration of route data into DOT reporting and invoicing, fewer errors mean fewer chances you will lose earned income.
Manage waiting pickups more effectively – TransiTrak’s user-friendly grid interface helps your dispatchers manage the waiting time for riders more effectively. They can tell at a glance who is waiting for pickup and how long they’ve waited.
Automate routing decisions with the latest mapping capabilities – TransiTrak’s mapping feature uses geocoding or “pinning” capability; when coupled with our optional GPS system, dispatchers can view maps in real time and pinpoint nearly every address in the United States and your closest available driver to that address.

The bottom line:

TransiTrak helps you take control of your routing – an easy to use format that lets you add, change or delete trip information with a few mouse clicks.


TransiTrak does more than optimize your routes:

it can optimize your entire business by reducing expenses for labor, maintenance and costly data errors.