About TransiTrak

ShippingTruck.thumbnail.jpgTransiTrak is a safe and secure web-based program designed to aid in the management of Non-emergency Transportation.

Developed by Grayco Systems, Inc. (a Mississippi-based company), TransiTrak is used in several states by companies with fleets from ten to over seventy vehicles, in both the private industry and public transportation.

The program, unlike many others, was designed specifically for the Non-emergency transit industry, but is flexible enough to be used for any para-transit operation (including taxi services).  Grayco is committed to the provider’s individual needs and will work with the providers to constantly upgrade the program to meet those individual needs.

TransiTrak also allows providers to coordinate routes between each other, making DOT providers and multi-state and multi-region providers more reliable and efficient. Access to provider information is specific and controlled by the individual provider.

TransiTrak can be used in real time or on an as-needed basis. If a provider does not have access to the Internet, an internal application may be installed on the provider’s system (upgrades to the provider’s computers may be required). The software can be purchased or on a rent-to-own basis depending upon preference. Group rates are available as well.


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