Q:  What is TransiTrak?
TransiTrak is an automated routing, scheduling, dispatching, and management system that uses graphical maps and schedule charts in conjunction with automated optimization of jobs and resource assignments. TransiTrak is designed for Paratransit companies with fleets from five to 500.

Q:  How will I benefit?
Companies have discovered the following benefits from using TransiTrak: freed up office staff time through automation of trip entry, assignment, tracking, billing, and maintenance reporting; elimination of redundancies in database and record keeping; increased route productivity through optimized routing; increased gains in customer satisfaction; increased on-time performance; ongoing increases in revenue.

Q:  How does your system help in ways other than routing and scheduling?
TransiTrak offers a multitude of useful features.  Employee alerts will notify you when safety training, drug screening, or license renewal is due. Personalized vehicle alerts will notify you when scheduled maintenance items such as oil changes or tire rotation are due. You can track and bill multiple clients with ease and accuracy. Reports can be generated on trips, clients, services, employees, vehicles and more.

Q:  We deal primarily with fixed routes. Will TransiTrak help me?
TransiTrak maps any area of the United States. These maps are used to display the location of customers, fleet, and routes. The maps also include an automatic address geocoding (or “pinning”) capability that locates and displays your customer's address as well as the location of the closest driver to your rider. You can also display or print detailed driving directions with a simple click.

Q:  Can TransiTrak handle multiple billing methods and clients?
Billing can be set up in a variety of ways.  Examples are flat rate, pick-up fee plus mileage, by time, distance, type of passengers, ticket holders, or a variety of additional factors or combinations.

Q:   Are the trips monitored in real time?
The GPS can be accessed on any equipped vehicle with as little as an eight-second delay. Reports can produce tracking points in as little as twenty-second increments.

Q:  Can you limit access to the various features and company information?
Yes, employees can be assigned security levels which limit the scope of information or features they can access.

Q:  Our drivers and clients are used to our current forms. Will we have to change driver sheets or billing forms?
No, custom forms can be created for your company if needed to satisfy your clients or staff.

Q:  What if our computers or the Internet goes down?
Route sheets can be printed and tracked manually. All of your information will be safely stored on a remote server so that you may access it when you are able to get to another computer with Internet access.