Fleet Maintenance

Maintenancepage.jpgOperating a NET service can consume most of your short-term attention. But it’s the long-term attention you give to fleet maintenance that equals success – because maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your fleet while holding down budget-eating repair costs. Unfortunately, fleet maintenance can easily get sidetracked in a busy NET service.
TransiTrak keeps your fleet on a solid maintenance track without pulling your attention away from daily operations.
With TransiTrak you can:
Set up maintenance schedules and automatic alerts for a variety of service tasks, like regular oil changes and tire rotation. We can customize these schedules to fit your business needs.
Automatically store service tickets in your fleet database where DOT and other reports can be generated on demand – and eliminate hours of manual data entry and calculations.
Develop a service history for each vehicle to help you see whether repairs are costing you more than replacing the vehicle – and lead to better financial decisions.
With our GPS option you can also incorporate real time data (stops, average speed and other maintenance-related factors) into your service records – even more critical information you can use to manage your fleet R & M more effectively.