Reporting & Invoicing


TransiTrak is a powerful database that can collect and store huge amounts of information about your business and its operation. But it can also do more: it can return that information to you in a highly useable form through customizable reports – and with just a few mouse clicks.
TransiTrak reporting will help you stay up to date on maintenance, inventory, employee records, compliance issues and strategic planning. In other words, TransiTrak helps you run the business side of your business just as effectively as it can your daily operations.
Your TransiTrak database is seamlessly integrated –you can generate reports with required information you’ve already entered in other operations. You simply set the field parameters and TransiTrak does the rest. You no longer need to manually enter information every time you want to create a DOT report – a critical item that requires meticulous accuracy. TransiTrak can generate it with just a few mouse clicks.
Are you comfortable with your current driver sheets or billing forms? No need to change – our team can customize TransiTrak’s reporting capability to adapt to your current system of forms.


Billing can be a huge headache for you and your staff. But it’s a necessity of business – you don’t bill, you don’t get paid.
TransiTrak can ease that headache and make billing a matter of minutes rather than hours.
Customizable – TransiTrak can adapt to the way you bill and your particular rate schedule: mileage, pick-up fee plus mileage, time, flat rate or any number of combinations. It can also help you bill clients with multiple rate schedules.
Easy – No need to manually enter information with each invoice. Simply close out a trip and the information is sent automatically to TransiTrak’s invoice module. When it’s time to bill, simply enter the date ranges and click – TransiTrak calculates the invoice with all the information you’ve previously entered in the database for that client and trip.
Accurate – If you’ve ever had an invoice rejected due to incorrect information, you will love TransiTrak. It pulls together all the information on a client or trip previously entered. No more hours of manual data entry and calculations with high error levels. TransiTrak reduces your rate of denied invoices or delayed payments.