About Us

TransiTrak Non-Emergency Transportation Software will get you there!

TransiTrak was created based on the needs of the average non-emergency transportation provider. To compete in today’s market; transit providers must be as efficient as possible. Organizing routes, tracking drivers, generating invoices, and maintaining your fleet takes a lot of work and man-hours. By utilizing TransiTrak, providers will be able to streamline their operation and make their business as profitable as possible.

TransiTrak was designed to be used by, and be affordable to, "mom and pop" providers as well as multi-million dollar transit providers. Currently our program is being utilized by some of the largest DOT providers in the state of Mississippi as well as by many smaller private non-emergency and taxi services. 

Other comparable routing software can cost upwards of seventy thousand dollars, and many do not include GPS Tracking, Customized Reporting, and Automated Routing. TransiTrak offers all of these features and more for less than thirty thousand dollars, or for as little as six hundred dollars a month. That’s less than the cost of one full-time employee.