GPS Tracking

TransiTrak offers an important option to fleets of all sizes with real-time GPS tracking that seamlessly integrates with your TransiTrak database. While similar systems can be expensive, TransiTrak’s GPS option is quite affordable, even for a small fleet: individual vehicle units cost less than $200 and the monthly fee is under $25. What’s more, the vehicle units are easy to install and uninstall, so they can be moved from one vehicle to another with little fuss.
The cost of this option, though, is no comparison with the many benefits your company gains from GPS tracking. With TransiTrak GPS you can:
• Monitor driver habits and actions – You can know in real-time (about an eight-second delay) where each of your vehicles are and how they are being driven. Through GPS monitoring you can eliminate unauthorized vehicle usage, false stops and altered driver records. You can also use GPS tracking as a training tool to correct bad habits such as speeding or over-braking.
• Enhance routing and reduce fuel cost – Dispatchers can utilize GPS tracking to match the nearest drivers to a new pick-up and even provide optimum route directions for drivers. You’ll reduce fuel cost by eliminating wasted mileage.
• Reduce liability and insurance costs – Because you now have an effective way to enforce safe driving habits you’ll also reduce your liability exposure. Depending on your carrier, you might even reduce premium costs because you operate a GPS system with your fleet.
• Increase reporting effectiveness – Because of its integration with your database, TransiTrak’s GPS option can deepen the information you want to track for maintenance and employee performance. You’ll also be able to automate mileage reporting.
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